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谋杀神秘游戏中国 | Murder Mystery Games China

Author: Murder Mystery  Date: 14 July 2022


Have a killer time in China with a world class murder mystery game. Become a detective with your friends and solve a tragic crime.

聘请主持人来运行您的谋杀之谜游戏 | Hiring a host to run your murder mystery game

一个人雇用一个人作为谋杀神秘主持人的令人毛骨悚然的想法可能很难理解,但是雇用一个连环杀手(笑话)呢? 这是谋杀神秘爱好者的最新热潮,他们正在雇佣人们让他们的夜晚变得精彩。

The macabre thought of a person hiring a person to be a murder mystery host may be hard to grasp, but what about hiring a serial killer (jokes)? This is latest craze among murder mystery lovers who are hiring people to make their night amazing.

聘请私人房东有时看起来非常艰巨。 有费用,但谋杀神秘主持人将带来宝贵的经验,并将能够通过游戏中发生谋杀的许多不同部分引导线索。 如果你正在寻找杀手,主人会帮助你成功。

Hiring a private host can sometimes seem very daunting. There is the expense but a murder mystery host will bring valuable experience and will be able to guide a trail of clues through the many different parts of the game where murders took place. If you are looking for the killer, the host will help you succeed.

谋杀之谜游戏如何运作?How does the murder mystery game work?

在游戏中有许多合法的收集证据的方法。 凶器可以像刀一样简单。 指纹和将日记条目放入调查文件可能会以一条大线索结束,一条从受害者家开始并通向谋杀现场的线索。 可以帮助解释谋杀的 DNA 样本和人工制品都构成了谜题的一部分。

There are many legitimate ways to collect evidence in the game. A murder weapon can be as simple as a knife. Fingerprints, and putting a journal entry in an investigation file may end with a big clue, a clue that starts in the victim's home and leads to the murder scene. DNA samples and artefacts that could aid in explaining the murder all forma part of the puzzle.

如何解决谋杀 | How to solve the murder

仔细研究该区域,如果您正在寻找它,有时信息可能离您很近。 你可能听说过游戏中的一些名字和线索,这些名字恰好指向凶手。 相信你的直觉。 最后,由您来决定您是否犯罪,如果您没有犯罪,那么是谁犯罪?

Research the area carefully, sometimes information is suspiciously close to you if you are looking for it. You may have heard of a few names in the game and the clues, names that just so happen to point to the killer. Trust your gut. In the end, it is up to you to determine if you did or did not commit a crime and if you didn't, then who did?

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